Town Template

This is a template for creating your own wiki page for your town.

Just hit the source button at the top right, copy the source and paste the source into your newly created town page.


Town Template
A screenshot goes here
Mayor The mayor of the town goes here
Population Number of residents goes here
Taxes Whether you have any tax.
Coordinates (x,y,z)
Link to Town Forums {{{forum}}}

Brief Description:


A very nice ever expanding city, in which homes are granted free at join. Machines that are not in houses are public, and we are constantly building new things. We are located in a desert so there is plenty of room to expand, and are also friends with the nearby unofficial town of Riverside. We are always recruiting and if you would like to join just ask. it is also recommended to make a donation when u join, but not required, so the town can keep running. If you would like to join just ask either me or an assistant (listed below), there are no conditions, just ask and the answer WILL be yes.


Size of plots and cost


What your town offers.Eg. power or food.

Town Council

Who are your assistants? Who can players contact who want to join your town?


Some screenshots of your town.

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