Type Machine

Luminance No
Tool ?
Stackable Yes (64)

And what do you do with Advanced Machines and Advanced Circuits now?

Build a house? Nah, that would be TOO EASY!!!

Instead build something new. Something amazing.

Something incredibly future-like with immense resource-costs!

The Terraformer!!!

Yes you heard right: Terraformer. Forms terrain. Great, isn't it?

Now, how to use such an overly complicated, expensive, yet extremely awesome device, you may ask? It's really easy. Just get yourself some neat USB-SticksTerraformer Blueprints (TFBP)!

To start a terraforming operation, you have to power the Terraformer by cable (for example from an MFE).

It can work VERY energy-efficient, and depending on your choice of program, it will even last multiple DAYS until running out of power, albeit it will consume all the power it can get and may drain VAST amounts of energy.

To tell a Terraformer what it is actually supposed to do, craft a TFBP and program it.

You can as well reuse older TFBPs, by just placing them into the crafting grid, so they will become empty again.

Then put the programmed TFBP into the Terraformer by right-clicking it with the TFBP equipped and watch it do what it can do best: TERRAFORM.

To remove a TFBP from the Terraformer, you just have to right-click it with a Wrench and it will pop out.

Completely terraforming a landscape takes some time. It may take multiple, if not numerous days. Plan accordingly.



Input Cultivation - 20 EU/t
Desertification - 4 EU/t
Irrigation - 8 EU/t
Chilling - 4 EU/t
Compression - 10 EU/t
Flatificator - 40 EU/t
Output -
Storage 40

The amount of EU/t actually drained varies greatly, depending on the TFBP used and the environment the Terraformer is placed in.

Note: A Terraformer will drain all available energy as fast as possible. Also, if the range of two Terraformers conflict they will both terraform the conflicting area until one of them runs out of power.

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