Solar Panel

Solar Panel
Type Generator

Luminance No
Tool ?
Stackable Yes (64)

Solar Panels are generators that utilize the energy of the Sun to generate EU. This fact means that they cannot work underground (unless there is an unobstructed view of the sky), in the Nether or the End. They also don't work at night.

The addition of electronic circuits in their latest design has done some strange things. Now that they have awareness they have all decided (union rules, nothing we can do) that they won't work as hard if the weather is bad.


So, for this recipe you need:

Or, if you would like a list of the raw materials:


Solar Panels output power at a rate of 1 EU/t during daylight hours (from 6:20 to 17:45). Power will output to any side except the top. Inclement weather (i.e., storms) affects energy production.

Solar Panels can also be crafted into the Solar Helmet, which can automatically recharge whatever electronic chestplate you're wearing while in the daylight! HAYO!


Input -
Output 1 EU/t (13050 EU/day)
Storage -

Solar Flowers

Due to the relative weakness of power generation, Solar Panels are often assembled into so-called Solar Flowers (when using Copper Cable), whereby as many Solar Panels as possible are connected to a BatBox using cable lengths of four segments or less. These constructions provide the benefit of compact and relatively cheap Solar Panel arrangements without energy losses. This was the most efficient design that existed in IC1 and earlier versions of IC2. The addition of Tin Cable, which allows micro currents to be carried 40 blocks, has made other arrangements equally feasible. Now, solar flowers are outdated because very inefficient compared to solar farms with tin cable, copper cable and glass fiber cable.

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