Shazbot's Redpower2 Pneumo System

There are two things I absolutely hate in minecraft: 1) disorganized item storage (who wants to search through a bunch of chests when you need that one item??) 2) KEEPING MY ITEMS ORGANIZED

The solution: AN ITEM ROUTING SYSTEM!! It sorts items to various destinations, processing some of them through machines before sorting the final product into chests.

Of course, there are multiple ways to do this. Many people use buildcraft's diamond pipes. I chose to use the Redpower 2 pneumatic tubes. Both systems have pros and cons, but if any of you are interested in learning more about Redpower 2 you might find this interesting.

Here are some of the pros of redpower 2 sorting vs. buildcraft: 1) does not require energy that needs maintenance (uses only a few redpower blutricity solar panels, you never have to load in coal to power engines to pump items etc.) 2) cheaper (does not require diamonds for building sorting pipes)

and here are some of the cons: 1) can be a bit of a learning curve if you're not familiar with redpower 2 2) some people might consider it to be more "complex"

Ultimately both ways of sorting can accomplish the same goal. What you choose is based on your personal preference. I made this mainly for fun :D Pic showing the sorting platform and tubes coming down to the chests. Tubes to the right show unused sorting potential for expansion. Here is the input chest. Any items placed in here get sorted. You can also see tubes coming in from quarries/farms feeding items into the system. The block to the right of the chest is a RedPower2 "filter" block. Here is the top view of the sorter. It consists of a line of RedPower2 "sorting" blocks. If an item is not sorted by the first sorter, it passes to the second and so on. Items that are not sorted by any sorter go into a group if misc. chests.

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