Reimbursement Guidelines

This is a guide for Admins on what they should reimburse and what they should not.


You must not spawn any items other than for reimbursements. Failure to do so will see you demoted down to Member as you have defied my trust.

Review Guidelines

  • Use common sense. If they're asking for 20 HV solar panels, be suspicious.
  • Do not accept reimbursement requests which do not follow the template.
  • Do not reimburse for deaths with a Quantum or Nano Suit.
  • Do not reimburse deaths in the nether.
  • Do not reimburse for item loss due to theft. They should have locked their chests. The same applies for Overclockers etc, since machines get automatically locked.
  • Do not reimburse if they have been griefed, but did not link to a griefing/player report on the forums.
  • Do not reimburse if they are asking for their quarries or builders back, which have been removed by mods due to lag.
  • Do not reimburse if they had a cable loop setup which has been removed by staff and are asking for it back.
  • Do not reimburse if they were inactive for longer than a week, without posting about their inactivity on the forums and lost their items.
  • Do not reimburse if they used the compass and died.

Once you have accepted and completed their reimbursement, you must make a post informing in the reimbursement request, informing them that they have been reimbursed. Finally, close the topic.

How to reimburse

  • Use the NEI bar. Make sure you have enabled cheat mode.
  • Use the search bar to search for items. They can be searched by name and item ID.
  • Right click to spawn 1 item. Left click to spawn 1 full stack.

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