Parties are a great way to play with your online friends. When you form a party, you have access to commands that enhance the co-operate players. As of version 1.2.00 there is a Master/Apprentice system in the Party system, this will grant players who are in a party extra experience for a certain skill if someone in their party is a higher level in that particular skill.


  • Party members cannot hurt eachother in pvp.
  • Party members can teleport to eachother.
  • Parties
  • Master/apprentice system.
  • In addition to being locked by the party leader, a party may also be password protected.


Command Effect
/party View information
/party [party name] Creates or Joins a named party.
/party q Leaves the current party.
/p Toggles party chat on/off.
/invite [player name] Invites the named player to the current party.
/accept Accepts a received party invitation.
/ptp [party user name] Teleports the player to the designated party member.
/party lock lock the party you are in
/party password (password) set a password to your party (only work if party is locked)


  • Parties in mcMMO have no limit to members, so feel free to invite all of your friends!
  • Make sure you invite people you can trust. Fellow members can teleport to your exact location at a moment's notice.

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