New Player's Guide

Submitted your application or already greylisted? Read this guide to get a smooth start on Techworld.

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If you have any questions pertaining to the server you may use /helpop to contact a server admin.


Teamspeak allows you to voice chat with other players on the server. Instead of having to type your message, you can just speak out what your thinking, without having to worry about typos and the slow speed you're typing at.

We recommend all players to join our Teamspeak server while playing, as it facilitates communication by miles. It's like Skype, but without the need to add people as contacts first.

Click here for connection details.


The forums can be used to send private messages to other players and threads can be opened up to discuss topics about the server or other things.

Locking your stuff

The server has LWC installed, allowing you to lock chests, doors, furnaces and even modded blocks to protect them from other players stealing them. The protected object will be inaccessible and indestructible for everyone else, except for the person who placed the lock and admins.

To lock something, simply type /lock in the chat and right-click on your chest/furnace/door/modded block.

  • For more than 1 user use /lock [player 1] [player 2] etc.
  • To add a user to an existing lock use /cmodify [player 1] [player 2] etc.
  • To remove a lock from a chest use /unlock
  • You can also create password protected locks with /cpassword [password]

Note: Your chests, crystal chests and solar panels automatically get locked by the server


Our server runs BOSEconomy which allows players to trade with the server's virtual currency: Credits.

Every player starts off with 100 credits by default. These credits can be used to trade with other players or to hire them for jobs. If you collect enough credits, you will then be able to eventually found your own Town and be a mayor yourself.


The Market allows players to buy and sell items from the server and other players. Type /market ingame to see the commands

Earning Credits

  • Log on daily to receive a wage of 10 Credits per day.
  • Players can earn credits by selling items to other players or doing jobs for them, such as flattening out an area.

Please read this in-depth guide on how to earn money here


  • /econ - Shows your current credit balance
  • /pay [player] [amount] - Pays the specified player a set amount of credits.
  • /econ help - Shows more advanced commands

Joining a town

The first thing you want to do once you have explored the server a little bit is to join a Town. Towns are a collection of players building together. A town often offers benefits such as a power supply, free food etc., while you pay a small tax. Joining a town will also protect you from potential griefers, as only town members are able to build within the town. Besides, playing together makes the game even more fun than building alone. Otherwise, why the heck did you decide to play multiplayer?

A handy list of all towns can be found here.

You can also get an overview of the map and the server's towns by viewing the Real-Time Map. A red region shows an area claimed by a town. Clicking on the red region will show you its name, mayor, assistants and members.

To join a town, contact the mayor or assistants of the town.

You can list all towns ingame with the /t list command. You can then teleport to a town to see how it is like for a fee of 5 Credits with the /t spawn [Town Name] command.

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