Mining Laser

New Item/Block of IndustrialCraft².

The Mining Laser is a powerful high-tech tool with a variety of applications. It can be used as an insta-mining tool with a relatively low EU consumption, as well as a high-power AoE block remover, or even as a weapon. All blocks destroyed by the Laser are dropped, with the exception of non-drop blocks like Glass or Leaves. However, due to the destructive nature of the Laser, there is a chance that the block will be destroyed and not drop anything. IndustrialCraft machines drop a Machine block, as if they were destroyed by a pickaxe. As of 1.337, the Mining Laser can use energy from a LapPack.

As of 1.90, the Mining Laser has 7 different modes. These modes can be switched by holding the M key and right-clicking.



Advanced Alloy

Energy Crystal

Advanced Alloy

Advanced Alloy

Energy Crystal

Advanced Circuit

Advanced Alloy

Mining Laser

Build Cost

6 bronze

3 copper

2 diamond

2 glowstone dust

2 lapis lazuli

23 redstone

7 refined iron

6 tin

Build Order

Step 1.1: 4x Mixed-Metal Ingot (6 bronze, 6 refined iron, 6 tin)

Step 1.2: 4x Advanced Alloy (4x Mixed-Metal Ingot)

Step 2.1: 6x Copper Cable (3 copper, 6 rubber)

Step 2.2: 1x Electric Circuit (6 Copper Cable, 2 redstone, 1 refined iron)

Step 2.3: 1x Advanced Circuit (2 glowstone dust, 1 Electric Circuit, 2 lapis lazuli, 4 redstone)

Step 3: 2x Energy Crystal (2 diamond, 16 redstone)

Step 4: 1x Mining Laser (4 Advanced Alloy, 1 Advanced Circuit, 2 Energy Crystal, 2 Energy Crystal, 1 redstone)

Firing Modes

The Mining Laser can store 200.000 EU, which determines how many shots of each type can be fired. The block penetration distance depends on the hardness of the particular block. In this chart, block penetration is based on smoothstone and dirt. For explosive shots, the penetration radius denotes the radius of the explosion.

It should also be noted that the Mining Laser can be used in Low-Focus mode to mine both faster than the Diamond Drill and at half the energy cost! HAYO!

Firing mode Mode description EU used per shot Damage per shot Beam travel distance Block penetration distance
Mining Normal beam, average power 1250 (160 shots) 3.5 hearts 64 blocks 6 (stone), 24 (dirt)
Low-Focus Very short-range beam, small power 100 (2000 shots) 0.5 hearts 3 blocks 1 (stone), 2 (dirt)
Long-Range High-powered beam, high power 5000 (40 shots) 10 hearts 64 blocks 27 (stone), 128+ (dirt)
Scatter 25 beams, 5x5 square formation, average power per beam 10,000 (20 shots) 2.5 hearts 64 blocks 16 (stone), 16 (dirt)
Explosive The beam explodes upon touching a block 5000 (40 shots) 3.5 hearts 64 blocks 2 (stone), 5 (dirt)
Horizontal The beam will travel perfectly horizontally. Presumed to be similar to mining mode. 1250 (160 shots) 3.5 hearts 64 blocks 6 (stone), 24 (dirt)
Super-Heat If the target can be smelted, the smelted product will be dropped instead of the block itself (eg, hit a iron ore block and an iron ingot will drop). Works on non-vanilla items, such as Redpower Basalt cobble or Forestry tin ore. Exception for cobblestone and sand; see below. 2500 (80 shots) Unknown Presumed to be 64 1 (stone), 13 (dirt)

Note: In v1.64 the mining laser will sometimes not fire in horizontal mode. Changing to a different mode restores it's function.

Super-Heat mode was added in 1.90.

If a super-heat laser is fired on a sand or cobble block, the block will be replaced with a glass/smooth stone block instead of dropping one. Doing so immediately terminates the beam.

When a super-heat laser is fired at a block such as smoothstone, where the 'normal' drop can be smelted into the block itself, the block will be dropped as if mined with a silk touch-enchanted tool.

When a super-heat laser is fired at a clay block, 4 brick items will be dropped.


This tool may only be charged in an MFE Unit or an MFS Unit.

Mining Laser

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