Metal Exchange

The Metal Exchange allows the economy to function properly and gives Credits a physical value.

Currently, only certain Metallurgy ores can be exchanged.

  • 1 Prometheum Ingot = 5 Credits
  • 1 Vyroxeres Ingot = 5 Credits
  • 1 Quicksilver Ingot = 10 Credits

Prometheum and Vyroxeres can be combined to form Quicksilver.

Selling your ingots

  1. Go to spawn /spawn
  2. Go down the stairs and inside the Spawn Mall.
  3. You will immediately see the Metal Exchange shops.
  4. Left click the block below the floating ingots to see the current transfer rate
  5. Right click to sell one ingot(you can Shift + right click to sell a whole stack at once

Note: You can undo your transaction within 30 seconds if you made a mistake. Use /scs undo.

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