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Have you ever been mining with your Diamond Drill, and suddenly found you had run out of juice in your BatPack? With this incredible new device capable of holding massive amounts of EU, you'll never be stranded in your tunnels again!

The LapPack is an upgraded version of the BatPack. When fully charged, the LapPack is holding 300,000 EU, making it 5 times as powerful as the BatPack which only holds 60,000EU.

The LapPack is capable of charging the following tools, which can also be powered and charged by the BatPack:

Additionally, it can also power these tools which cannot be powered by the BatPack:



This armour may only be charged in an MFE Unit or an MFS Unit. Similar to a Energy Crystal, Lappacks can also discharge EU into a MFE Unit or an MFS Unit.


  • Lappacks do not add protection points to your armor rateing.

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