290pxAw come on, grow!
Tool Used
Interacts With
  • Green Terra (Active)
  • Healing (Passive)
Herbalism provides a series of benefits tied to food items in the minecraft universe, including improved healing from some food, extra effects on seeds, and improved harvesting on every kind of plant, including mushrooms.

Activated Abilities

Green Terra

With a hoe equipped, whenever you right click, you activate Green Terra. When Green Terra is activated, there is a chance to get 3x drops from the plants you're harvesting. Also, you can turn Cobblestone 18px, Stone Stone.png, and Dirt 18px into Moss Stone Moss Stone.png, Mossy Stone Brick 18px, and Grass, respectively, as long as you have seeds in your inventory. Just left click on the blocks with a hoe while Green Terra is active, and they will automatically turn into the new blocks. Unlike the passive Green Thumb, the conversions made will be 100% successful as long as Green Terra is active.

Passive Abilities

Green Thumb

Green Thumb is a passive ability that turns blocks into their plant-related counterparts. Green Thumb can trigger while using seeds Seeds.png on these blocks, however it differs from Green Terra as the effect has a low chance to trigger, and the seeds will be consumed regardless of success or failure. It has different effects when used on different blocks.
Using Seeds Seeds.png on Cobblestone 18px will provide Mossy Cobblestone Moss Stone.png.
Using Seeds Seeds.png on Smooth Stone Brick Stone.png will provide Mossy Stone Brick 18px.
Using Seeds Seeds.png on Dirt 18px will provide Grass Block
Level 100 Herbalism = 10% chance.
Level 500 Herbalism = 50% chance.
Level 1000 Herbalism = 100% chance.

Instant Wheat-Regrowth

When harvesting fully-grown wheat, there is a chance for the player to instantly re-plant the wheat. The wheat will start in a certain stage based on the herbalism level. This passive doesn't requires seeds in the inventory to trigger.
  • Level 0 - 199 will sometimes randomly produce a stage 0 wheat. Level 200 - 399 will sometimes randomly produce a stage 1 wheat. It will keep on increasing every 200 levels.

Farmer's Diet

New to herbalism, Farmer's Diet, which is similar the healing effect herbalism gave pre- 1.8, this increases the amount of hunger herbalism foods restore.
Farmer's Diet
Rank Skill Level
0 0 - 199
1 200 - 399
2 400 - 599
3 600 - 799
4 800 - 999
5 1000+
Bread healing Stew healing
18px18px18px 18px18px18px18px

Experience Table

Item Exp
Cactus.png Cactus 25
16px16px Mushrooms 75
Sugar Cane.png Sugar Cane 15 (per section)
16px Wheat 25
16px Melon 10
16px Pumpkin 20
16px16px Flowers 50
16pxNether Wart 50
16pxLily Pads 50
16pxVines 5


  • When harvesting sugarcane you get 30 exp per section. Breaking the top then the middle then the bottom yeilds 90 xp total. If the bottom is recently planted, you will receive no xp for that section. (as of 1.2.5)
  • One of the quickest ways to level up currently is to create a large sugar cane farm or netherwart farm. Depending on your servers growth rate, it can quickly add up.
  • A way to level up is to use bonemeal on grass and harvest the flowers and seeds for exp.

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