Here is the page for proper Techworld Wiki creation! This will show you how you can properly create and maintain a wiki page whilst making sure your wiki page is most efficiently providing useful information (and being a fun page to read)!

Editing a Wiki Page

This is how one can edit a wiki page! If you are completely without any knowledge of how to create or edit a wiki page, look no further.

Please sign up for a wiki account first, in order to contribute to the wiki.

Creating the Wiki Page

1. Search the precise name of the page you wish the create.

2. If the page is not already there, click the text on the top of the search results saying the following: Create the page "[Searched Text]" on this wiki!

3. Start typing in the page!

4. When you press the Save Page button in the bottom left below the Text Editing box, your page will be saved as an official wiki page! Congratulations on creating your first wiki page!

Creating Your Wiki Page

1. Click your name that will appear in red in the top right hand corner of the page.

2. Start typing!

3. Press the Save Page button in the bottom left to save the wiki page! Congrats on creating your user page!

Editing an Existing Page

1. Find the page you wish to edit.

2. Once on the page you wish to edit, click the Edit tab in the top left hand corner of the page.

3. Do I really have to say it again? Just save the page.

The Basics


Now, you may be asking yourself: How do I make my page interesting? All the other pages on the wiki are so cool and well-made, especially those ones made by those guys named Andy, NeutronRocks, and Postronicman! First off, when making a wiki page, you want to organize it to the best of your ability, so it is readable and informative (most of the time). The key to this is using titles in your page. You can see an example of a title above. Titles are in various sizes, as you may have noticed, and their size is dictated simply by the number of Equals signs (=) they have around them. The larger the title, the fewer Equals signs it will have. Here is a convenient little chart to help you! Play around with them, because putting the full examples on this page would make the Contents Box pretty muddled. If you're having trouble remembering how this (actually quite simple) mechanism works, you can just copy-n-paste them right from this page. If you click the Edit Tab in the top right hand corner of the page, you'll see these <nowiki> tags around them. We'll get into that later, but don't copy those. Those will make your titles look like they do on this page. Plain-text and nonfunctional.

= Major Title =
== Default Title ==
=== Topic Title ===
==== Sub-Topic Title ====
===== Pretty much just some bolded text.  (This one is pretty useless.) =====
====== I have no idea why you would ever put so much focus on such tiny bolded text.  Completely contradictory. ======


User Pages

To start editing your own user page, click on your name in the top-right corner of any wiki page (where it tells you you're logged in). You can also skip to your "talk" page from here, where other users can leave you messages.


Once you are ready to create a city, you can use the city infobox!

See the Town Template

Editing Hotbar

Alright, you know about organizing your wiki page with text. Now, as it is the purpose of this page, here are more ways to organize your wiki page. There are commonly used text-editting functions conveniently placed right above the text editing box. These symbols are, from right to left, Bold, Italics, Wiki Link, Hyperlink, Title-ify Text, Insert Picture, Insert Media, Non-formatted text, Insert Signature, and Insert Line Break. Try them out yourself! Again, here is a miniature table with what they should look like when typed out.

[[Wiki Link]]
== Default Title ==
<nowiki>Non-formatted text</nowiki>

The line below will show up as a signature.


An example of a properly executed signature is in the box below.

--Andy 20:24, 12 September 2011 (CDT)

In this case, it fills it in with my signature. You can edit your signature text by clicking on the My Preferences link next to your name in the top right hand corner, and finding the Signature Section under the User Profile tab.

 Text above line break.
 Text below line break.

More Text Style Tips & Tricks

'''''Bolded Italics'''''
[[Actual Wiki Link|Displayed Link Text]]
Either {{-}} or <br> will indent text placed after it to the next available line.  Or, just add an extra space between two lines.

Image Options

Alright, this one is perhaps the most confusing out of all the neat little tricks, but it is insanely useful and very commonly-used throughout the wiki. This is the special thumb-image. This allows many cool features, such as size, alignment (left, right, or center), and caption text. Neither size nor alignment are necessary to creating a thumb image, and can actually both be used independently outside of a thumb image, but still must remain in the image text string (obviously).

[[File:Filename.extension|size|thumb|alignment|Caption text.]]

Here is how a completely filled-in image thumbnail should look with every option being utilized. This example is taken from Map page.

[[File:8-12Pangea50 Carto thumb.jpg|400px|thumb|right|A Cartograph Map of [[Pangea]] allows you to get an idea of server geography
 and see preview of locales.]]

Wiki Etiquette

There are quite a few unspoken things on the wiki of what to do and what not to do. Since this topic pretty much just boils down to individual opinion, there will be entries from individual users on the wiki. If you see the same idea more than once, it is probably a very good idea to follow it. Other avid Wiki editors, feel free to chip in with your own proposed wiki etiquette and pet peeves.


  • Don't list your "friends" that you have made on the server. These are your "friends". They are not trophies. If you are listing IRL friends who are on the server, that's fine. What I really dislike is how some people like to say they "quickly befriended (Insert high-ranking member), (another high ranking member), (and yet another)". Again, they are "friends", not trophies.
  • Bolding names in Contributors Lists. A few of you may have noticed on Adenbury's Wiki page, there are bolded names in the contributors list. This is a very handy little way of indicating who has contributed to your city in a major way.
  • "About the City" titles. I've seen these quite a bit around the wiki. Having a title right below the page title with the exact same text or "About (Insert City Name)" is extremely redundant.
  • Don't enforce minor spelling changes based on culture. Don't change "colours" to "colors" simply because you live in the U.S.
  • Use proper grammar. This should go without saying.


  • Never ever ever ever type [[User:Username|Username]] in a wiki page. It is a waste of letters and can easily be substituted with a cleaner redirect page (#redirect [[User:Username]]). One of my major pet peeves.
  • If an admin reverts an edit of yours, they probably did it for a good reason. Don't attempt to undo something an admin did, as it will likely end badly.
  • Templates are good. They are both easy to put on a page and makes said page look very good compared to a blob of text and images.
  • User talkpages should be used for talking. If you just want to quickly tell somebody something and don't mind having it be in public, the wiki's a good bet.
  • If something is broken - try to fix it. If you know the rights answer and can contribute information, don't just ask someone else to fix it. This is the basic idea of a wiki - everyone can contribute.

External Articles

(More in-depth, but more not-as-useful stuff.)

Cheat Sheet

There will be a test, and you cannot use this.

Images To link images that were uploaded to the wiki itself, use [[file:filename.jpg]]

To link to external images (saves space, updates properly), just use the URL of the image. like this:

Editing pages To edit pages, log in and use the edit button at the top of the article.

Formatting pages


Creating a page is done by navigating to the page you want to create and pressing the create button at the top of the article. For instance, you change this: To this:


Video Embedding

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