A greylist allows anyone to join the server, but they cannot build or chat. This means that they can explore the server in first-person and make up their mind about wanting to join the server.

If they wish to gain full membership, they will still have to apply, just like with a whitelist.

As of now, only the Techworld server requires you to apply for full access. GigaVoltz is open for everyone. Just log in and you can build and chat.

Why use a greylist?

We hope this gives new players a better chance to see the server, as many would hesitate to write a long application for a server they have never really been on.

New Players will be ranked Guest and won't be able to chat or build. They can, however, teleport to other towns and view them.

Will this affect my gameplay experience?

No, if the maximum player slot limit is reached and a Member joins, a player ranked Guest will be selected randomly and kicked to make space. This means, that players looking around will not affect other players in any way, and server performance will be thus unaffected. They also cannot grief in any way or spam chat.

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