All fees are in Credits. Real money will never be required to play on the server.


  • /tpa - 5 Credits
  • /t spawn - 1 Credit (resident) / 5 Credits (outsider)


  • Founding Fee - 500 Cr
  • Expansion Fee (each chunk) - 25 Cr
  • Daily Upkeep - 2 Cr per chunk
If you are unable to pay this fee, your town will be automatically dissolved and players will be kicked off. No reimbursements will be given if that happens. It is your responsibility to check that there is a sufficient amount of money in the town bank
  • Rename town - 200 Cr


As of now, there are no plans in introducing nations on the server.

Donors do not have to pay for teleportation, and they do not have to wait 5 minutes between teleports.

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