Factions List

The following list aims to provide information to new players who are looking for a faction to join on Tech Wars.

To add your own faction to the list you have to create a wiki account, which will then be reviewed by Mastergalen shortly.

Add your faction in alphabetic order. Those who ignore this will simply be deleted.

Then create a separate page offering more detailed information to your city. You must follow the Faction Template, or your page will be deleted.

Please the Help section if you need help learning how to edit the wiki.

Faction Name No. of Members Coordinates Leader
Magus 3 N/A zRedwind
Nexus 6 N/A Mastergalen
Nexvigilo 10 N/A Xasriel
Nightlock 4 N/A CryogenicCherub
NightThief 9 N/A Drunkbatman
NightWatch 5 N/A SocalFox
Noche 4 N/A BiOHaZarD69x
Serenity 7 N/A MinerBoii

Destroyed Factions

Still waiting >:)

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