Elysium Fields

Elysium Fields (A little bit of heaven on Earth)

Elysium Fields is a town based on the citys of ancient Greece. The houses are mainly of marble and are in open parkland with fields and lakes surrounding them.

To maintain the appearance of Elysium Fields there are fairly strict town byelaws.

1. All buildings should be predominantly made of marble and no more than 2 stories high.

2. No machinery should be visible from ground level.

3. Donations to the town should be made at the temple of Hephaestus.

There are public workshop facilities available in the Underworld, and free building supplies and food available at the town plaza.

Taxes. are charged at noon GMT every day

      there is a residents tax of 2 cr 
      and a plot tax of 5 cr per plot owned by the resident.

Plots of land cost 50cr and are 16X16 blocks in size

Mayor NickTy

No. Residents 19.

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