Electric Jetpack

This item is bugged. The bug exists in v1.15! The bug is: When the jetpack is equipped, if it has less than half charge, it will deduct armor from the player, that is to say, if it has 100% charge it will provide 8 armor points, but if it has 50% charge it will provide 0, and if it has 25% charge it will SUBTRACT 4 points. This bug is shared with the standard Jetpack

Also Known bug in SMP is when in use around other players using it, the jetpack will launch to the cap height.

New Item/Block of IndustrialCraft².

The Electric Jetpack is a simpler and easily recharged version of the conventional Jetpack. Flying is performed by holding down the jump key. Unlike the normal Jetpack, the Electric Jetpack is limited to a maximum flying height of 85 meters (blocks) above the bedrock layer.

It also has a Hover Mode, which can be toggled by pressing the M key, while in use (i.e. holding down the jump key). In Hover Mode, holding the jump key will make the player ascend slowly, and the jetpack will automatically slow the player's fall to a similar speed. This feature makes the Electric Jetpack better than the normal Jetpack, as the Hover Mode for the normal Jetpack only has the first feature. Plus, Hover Mode uses less energy!



A fully charged Electric Jetpack can work for about 80 seconds (10 seconds less than the normal Jetpack). Unlike the normal Jetpack, the Electric one remains powerful right until it drains the charge completely. It can be recharged in an MFE Transmitter or an MFS Unit and requires 30,000 EU to fully charge.

Known Bugs

If you go high into the air, you will take massive amounts of fall damage, even if you are going very slowly downward, like in Hover Mode. This is because of the minecraft coding itself. Fall damage is calculated by your highest height before your descent. May be fixed in the future. Also applies to the Regular Jetpack. Also, if you die from hitting the ground to hard and recover your items, the JetPack will be completely recharged, no matter how diminished it's EU supply was.

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