Brief Description: BasaltCity is built in a plainy area. All of the roads are built out of basalt cobblestone, and basalt brick. We offer free power, and the use of advanced machines. Along with a big public farm, public food storage chests, and more to come. There are many plots available at the moment, and you may buy more then one plots, and connect them.

Size of plots and cost: Plots can cost anywhere from 16-25. Most of the plots are 16x16, but you can buy more than one plot if they are close to each other, and connect them.

BasaltCity has a big public farm that has wheat, pumpkins, watermelons, and sugar cane. All available for the public to harvest at any time. In the upper part of the main BasaltCity HUB, there are 3 mfsu's that are usually always full with 10m power. Next to those are charging benches. Under all of those are 4 advanced machines, and a food canner. The advanced machines are a rotary macerator, induction furnace, centrifuge extractor What your town offers.Eg. power or food.

The "Town Council" consists of me(MikeGerm)(Mayor), and Lambor009 (Assistant). You may contact either MikeGerm, or Lambor009 in-game, or MikeGerm on forums if you wish to join BasaltCity.


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