Axes (Combat)

Axes.jpgAxes deal more damage.
Tool Used
  • Ironaxe.png Axe (any material)
Interacts With
  • Other players (PvP)
  • Mobs (PvE)
  • Skull Splitter (Active)
  • Axe Mastery (Passive)
  • Impact (Passive)
  • Greater Impact (Passive)
  • Critical Strikes (Passive)

Embrace your inner viking with the axes skill. No longer are axes just for obsessively chopping down forests.

chance, or 750 skill level.

Version 1.3.2+ dev

Impact Armor damage (the damage that occurs to the armor of the player) gains 1 every 30 levels and starts with 5. That means with a level of 500 you would have a bonus of 500 / 30 + 5 damage, equivalent to 21. This number can increase relatively infinitely for the time being.

The bonus axe damage increases every 50 levels by 1 and up to 4. This means you do a max bonus damage of 4 with the level of 200.

Therefore, the maximal damage you can do with the axe is equal to the following:

Without any critical:
Without mcMMO critical but with Minecraft critical:
With mcMMO critical:
With mcMMO critical and Minecraft critical:


NOTE: As of the 1.3.2+ update, axes are harder to train and take longer to level up.

Greater Impact

By default, there is a 25% chance to achieve a greater impact. Greater Impact is indicated by **STRUCK WITH GREAT FORCE**. It has an extreme knockback effect equal to knockback II. In addition, it deals extra damage to unarmored enemies.


  • Monsters spawned from a Monster Spawner will not give experience to combat skills (Axes/Swords/Archery/Unarmed)

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