Application Review Guidelines

This guide is intended for Staff only. Feel free to keep reading on if you're not staff and have no life.

This is a guide on helping you decide whether you should accept or reject a membership application.

Greylisting players

We have switched over from a whitelist to a Greylist. This means that anyone can join the server and see what has been built and also observe the chat, but they will not be able to build or chat until they have had their membership application accepted by the mods and are promoted.

Accepting the right players

It is essential that the server only allows players which are helpful, friendly and well-mannered. Players make up the community, and it is the community which makes our server stand out from all the other Tekkit servers out there.

  • Use common sense.
  • Do not accept applications which have many grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Do not accept applications which only have short one sentence answers to the questions.
  • Do not accept players who have more than 3 global bans. Check with /lookup [player].
  • Question their age if they have many grammar and spelling mistakes, when they write that they're 18 years old for example.
    • Question their age if the players they listed to know are 13 years old, for example, and they themselves are apparently 19.
  • Read through some of the applications which Mastergalen himself has reviewed and see which applications get accepted and which types of applications get rejected.

Using the Staff Web Panel

Techworld has a sophisticated application system. New players submit in a form on the website, which then gets saved to our database.

Staff can then view those applications in the Staff Panel and can then simply click the "accept" or "reject" button. The rest is all processed by the code. The panel will display a warning if the player has previous bans.

If everything goes well and you pressed the approve button, the player will get promoted to Member automatically and an E-Mail will be sent out, notifying them that their app has been approved.

If you rejected them, their application will be marked as rejected and an E-Mail will be sent out notifying them their application didn't make it and giving them the option to apply again with an improved application.

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