Alternatives to Buildcraft

Techworld no longer runs BuildCraft, here's a list of alternatives to common BuildCraft items.

BC Pipe Alternatives

Pneumatic Tubes

Pipe Wires

A Redstone Tube carries both items and Redstone current. It doesn't even need gates to function. Just place some redstone dust next to the pipe and it will connect, or you can hook it up to a RedPower-wire with "Jacketed RP-Wires".

Wooden Pipe

The Transposer will pull an item out of a chest and into tubes when redstone current is applied. This acts as both a wooden pipe and a redstone engine, requiring redstone pulses instead of a continuous signal.

Alternatively, you may use Filters which do the same but will pull full stacks out of the connected inventory. This is similar to a wooden pipe with a steam-engine. The Filters has - with the GUI - added functionality: You can make it only pull out certain items and stack-sizes of your choosing, and even tag the items upon entering the tube-network. This allows a Retriever to be situated next to the filter without breaking your tube-network.

Gold Pipe

Combining Accelerators and Magtubes allow items to travel at high speeds.

For this to function you need to make sure that any entrance and exit of the magtube-system have a Accelerators. The name of the Accelerators might be deceiving because it both Accelerates and Decelerates items upon entering and leaving the system.

Obsidian Pipe

The Transposer will pick up items off the ground from a 3 by 2 block sized area and into tubes when redstone current is applied. Without the applied redstone current it will only pull in items which are in front of the Transposer, unless this will be disabled.

With the incredible Filters you can even select which item it will only pick up. Also tagging is an option, making sorting possible on the spot.

Diamond Pipe

A blutricity-powered Sorting Machine can color-code any items that are sent through it. When placed next to an inventory it will pull out and color-code any item specified in its sorting table. Paint is then used on tubes to limit which color-coded item is allowed to traverse that section of your tube-network.

To make a Sorting Machine able to process stacks you have to make sure a stack of the item is inside the Sorting Machine's sorting table, or make sure it has a Buffer or chest to process each individual item of a incoming stack. This will prevent a Sorting Machine from clogging up when a Filter pushed a stack into the internal buffer of the Sorting Machine.

Stripe Pipe

A Deployer has the ability to use items that have either been player, or tube loaded into its inventory. Loose item collection is taken care of by a Transposer.

Teleport Pipe

Using Pneumatic Tubes you can pipe your items into an EnderChest and back out in another location.

BC Machine Alternatives

Mining Well/Quarry

The Miner from IC2 will drill a 1x1 shaft and will branch off to mine any ores when used in conjunction with a OD or OV Scanner. These nifty machines are much cleaner and environment friendly than your usual Mining Wells / Quarries. Instead of digging up half the world, leaving a giant 64x64 crater, it will only dig up useful ores and not fill your chest with a bunch of cobble.


The Pump from IC2 will fill cells with water and lava. When placed next to a miner it will automatically remove any obstructions from the drilling path.

Automatic Crafting Table MkII

We are running Immibiss' PipeStuff. This plugin has a RP2 compatible Automated Crafting Table named: Automatic Crafting Table MkII.

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