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*[[Useful Macros]]
*[[Useful Macros]]
The Macro Mod is included in the GigaTech staff modpack: <code>http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/gigatech-staff</code>
==See also==
==See also==

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Here are some guidelines to help set a standard for staff members:

  • Staff Image - It's important that staff maintain an air of responsibility and maturity. Chat spamming, griefing, kick wars, mute wars, random jailing, etc. should not occur.
  • Communication - Please, communicate with each other, use the forums. Teamwork is what will keep this server stable.You must actively take part in discussions, especially those in the staff forums, as important issues about the future of the server is discussed.
  • Community activeness - Please try to spend at least thirty minutes a day on the server, and 30 minutes on the forums, to keep up with the community.
  • Forums - Please be responsible in the forums, do not flame, insult, or belittle users on the forums. Do not delete threads, lock them. Only delete posts if they're inciting flame wars or are completely irrelevant in an important thread, do not delete them permanently.
  • Player Assistance - If a player is asking for reasonable assistance that you can provide some or all of, do so. Do not wait until someone else gets on, help them out. It's part of being a staff member, and helps everyone out.
  • Reporting - If you see or encounter a problem, screenshot it, and make a thread in the forums about it. With the size of the map, it could be days before the proverbial 'someone else' comes along and sees or encounters it. Don't wait for someone who can fix it to get on, report it immediately, so that they're not swamped when they log on, and can get to/remember to get to all the issues that crop up.


Guidelines for handling griefing, theft, and chat issues:
(Note: The staff member has the right to be more lenient or strict than these guidelines based upon their own judgment of the situation and the input of other staff).


  • Small grief: 1-5 blocks
  • Large grief: >5 blocks

Grief of Normal Blocks (wood, stone, etc.)

  • Small grief: Tempban 1 day | Second offense: Permaban
  • Large grief: Permaban

Grief of Valuable blocks (diamond, gold, lapis etc.)

  • Small grief: Permaban
  • Large grief: Permaban


  • Petty theft: Less than a stack.
  • Misdemeanor theft: 1 - 3 stacks
  • Grand theft: 4+ stacks
Normal blocks
  • Petty theft: Tempban 1 day | Second offense: Permaban
  • Misdemeanor theft: Tempban 3 days | Second offense: Permaban
  • Grand theft: Permaban
Valuable Items
  • ANY theft of valuable items: Permaban

Punishment hierarchy

Raging/Flaming in chat

  1. Warning
  2. Mute
  3. Permaban


  1. Tempban
  2. Permaban


  1. Tempban
  2. Permaban

Banning Procedure

For the ban reason, you may not use any profanity. If you're banning someone for griefing, simply write "Griefing, Hawk Eye Proof". This is because the server has to follow the McBans guidelines, and invalid ban reasons may get the server penalized.

If you're going to ban someone for stealing, only do so if they did not break any blocks and only took items from a chest. If they did break blocks, or place them in a harmful way, they should be banned with "Griefing, HawkEye proof" due to McBans regulations.

  • Remember: ANY grief = use "Grief" as a ban reason.

Within two hours a ban announcement must be made on the forums explaining to the banned person and Mastergalen the ban in more detail. A ban may then be converted into a global ban by Mastergalen if the ban reason is within the McBans Global Banning Guidelines.

Example Ban Notification

  • Date Submitted:
  • In-Game Name:
  • Time:
  • Player Banned:
  • Reason (include screenshots if you can):

Failing to do so will see you demoted.

Staff Rules & Regulations

  1. Staff members on the server must follow all posted rules and are subject to the same disciplinary actions and removal of rank and staff status.
  2. Staff is expected to treat every player and fellow staff member on the server and community with kindness and respect regardless of their rank and personal feelings toward the player.
  3. When a staff member is free, they are expected to help out another staff member who is busy or in need of help.
  4. If there is an issue on the server amongst players, or issues with the server itself, staff members are expected to try to help solve the issue to the best of their ability.
  5. All staff members are expected to use common sense at all times and use their best judgment when dealing with things on the server.

Disciplinary Actions

When a staff member breaks one of these rules, or is not living up to the expectations placed on them, then they are removed from their staff rank and responsibilities. They are also subject to the same disciplinary actions if they break any of the initial player rules.

As much as we would like to believe that the Techworld staff is perfect, we understand they are human and that they might do some things that make the players feel they have been cheated in some way. If a player makes a complaint about a staff member, these are the steps to be taken to correct the issue. If a player makes a valid complaint against a staff member, the staff member's rank and building rights are suspended until they can be contacted by the Owner of the server to be questioned.

Once being questioned and after the issue(s) have been resolved the staff member will have all restrictions lifted from their account and they go on as before, or the staff member will be relieved from their duty and remain on the server as a regular player, or the staff member will be banned from the server either temporarily or permanently.

If a staff member has more than three valid complaints against them, they will be asked to resign and remain on the server as a regular player. After five complaints they are permanently removed from their position and can choose to remain on the server as a regular player or not.

Example Complaint Form

  • Date Submitted:
  • Name:
  • In-Game Name:
  • Name of Staff Member:
  • Problem with Mentioned Staff Member:
  • Other:

Staff Expectations

Techworld does not expect staff to be working every single moment on the server, but during gameplay we ask you to keep these few things in mind and perform them whenever possible. Higher ranks also inherit the requirements from previous ranks.

However, if we feel like you're not fulfilling part of your duties, you will receive a verbal warning for improvement. Otherwise, you may be unsuitable for a staff position and may be demoted.


  • Help out and answer questions that other members will have
  • Look out for, and report, all griefing activities with the help of HawkEye
  • Remove all rude and racist structures and report them.
  • Kick, jail, tempban and permaban players when needed. Then posting a ban/jail announcement on the forums with supporting evidence (Screenshots).
  • Check the forums regularly and reply to any players who are in need of assistance.
  • Actively take part in discussions on the forums, especially in the staff forums, as it is there where the future path of the server is discussed. Your input is needed there before we ask for feedback from the whole community and implement new ideas in the actual server.
  • Review applications and whitelist players. See the Application Review Guidelines


Admin Tasks

  • All Moderator Tasks
  • Reimburse players according to the Reimbursement Guidelines
  • Manage the Spawn Mall by selling shops to players and removing inactive shops. Click here to read about Mall Management.
  • If a mayor of a town becomes inactive for longer than 2 weeks and has not posted about it in the Inactivity Announcements on the forums, then you will have to transfer the Mayor position of the town to a resident, if requested by one of them. If there are active assistants, mayorship should be granted to them in preference of residents.
/seen [player] - To check how long the player has been inactive
/town [name] - Lists the current mayor, assistants and residents. If there are still active assistants in the town, these should be the preferred mayors of the town. If there are no active assistants either, then a trustful resident should be chosen. If there are no active residents either, then the town should be deleted.
/ta set mayor [town] [player] - Verify that you typed in the full name of the player correctly.

Useful Tools

To make live as staff easier, you can find some useful tools to speed up stuff.

The Macro Mod is included in the GigaTech staff modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/gigatech-staff

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