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==General Rules==
==General Rules==
<span style="color:#8B0000; background:#FFFF00">'''EquivalentExchange 3 is not part of this server. [[Banned_Items|Click here for a conclusive list of items/mods that are disabled/banned on this server.]] '''</span><br />
<br />
Note that you '''will''' be caught if you break any of these rules and you '''will''' be temp-banned or perma-banned. It is much better and much more fun for everyone if you will just stick to these rules. <br />
Note that you '''will''' be caught if you break any of these rules and you '''will''' be temp-banned or perma-banned. It is much better and much more fun for everyone if you will just stick to these rules. <br />
<br />
<br />

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General Rules

Note that you will be caught if you break any of these rules and you will be temp-banned or perma-banned. It is much better and much more fun for everyone if you will just stick to these rules.

1. Respect all members, mods, admins, owners, and guests.
2. Griefing is not allowed. All blocks are logged. Griefing includes killing animals that players have captured, breaking and entering into anything built or claimed by other players, destroying crops in any way (including by stepping on them), and anything else that you wouldn't want someone to do to you. Griefing also includes the removal of, building-on-top-of, or digging under of any player's builds in the Nether, the End, or the Overworld even if the the owner appears to be inactive! NEVER touch what does not belong to you without explicit consent from the owner.
3. Stealing is not allowed. This includes locked or unlocked chests or machines, crops (melons, pumpkins, wheat, etc.), siphoning items from tube or pipe setups, and any other property that another player owns or has claimed in the Nether, the End, and/or the Overworld and any other dimension even if the owner appears to be inactive! NEVER touch what does not belong to you without explicit consent from the owner. Note: All chests on the server were placed and belong to players (except naturally-spawning dungeons).
4. PvP is not allowed unless both parties agree to it. For the most part PvP disabled in all forms. Any player death that is caused by another player whether on accident or on purpose (placing sand on top of them resulting in their suffocation, drowning them with water, pouring lava on them, pushing them into lava, lighting them on fire, pushing them off of a high place...Please refrain from doing so unless it's a mutual decision.
5. Do NOT pester mods, admins, or owners. Pester: - verb - To bother persistently with petty annoyances, requests, or questions.
6. Do not spam or type in all CAPS . This includes global chat, /msg, /whisper, /tell, and etc. Do not spam or type in all CAPS in any chat.
7. Do not intrude or build on another players' claimed area without permission.
8. No offensive language, prolonged and repetitive arguing, or insulting other players. This includes harassment due to sexual orientation.
9. No offensive buildings or constructions. This includes any and all racist, sexist, profane, vulgar, or otherwise offending constructions of any form. If even one person finds it offensive it's one too many and we ask that you discontinue or delete your construction.
10. No links that aren't related to this server or to tekkit/minecraft related websites in chat, /msg, /mail, /whisper, /tell, signs, or the forums.
11. No advertising. You may not advertise your server or any other server via in game chat, /msg, /mail, /tell, /whisper, signs, or anywhere in the forums. You may not advertise any other product this way either. Certain links deemed by staff are acceptable in this case.
12. No flymod, X-ray or any other type of hack. Players who use any hack will be permanently banned on sight.
13. Any exploitation of glitches will be punished and may result in a ban. You MUST alert an admin immediately.

Membership Application Related

Our server is greylisted.This means that you may log into the server to explore and talk in the chat. You must apply to be a member of the server and to be able to build.

  1. Do NOT ask about the progress of your application in the shoutbox. All applications are reviewed within 24 hours, usually much less. An email will be sent to the address you provide regarding your acceptance or denial, and if denied, will contain a link to try applying again.
  2. Do NOT ask mods, admins, or owners to review the progress of the application of you or your friend. Do not do this as a guest (using /msg, /tell, /whisper, /mail, etc.), do not do this in the shoutbox, do not do this in the forums, do not do this over Skype, do not do this over TeamSpeak. This will result in a ban to you or them. Yes, this means that you or your friend may be banned before even becoming greylisted.

Gameplay related

1. Do not build near spawn or founded towns or town outposts.

  • You must build all constructions farther than 500 horizontal/lateral/FLAT blocks from spawn or any existing town or town outpost. This gives space to existing towns to expand, and it encourages members to spread across the map. The only exception to any part of this rule is if you ask for the permission of the existing mayor to build closer than 500 blocks- this includes any expansion of your town. You must respect the wishes of the mayor of the town that was there first. Use the dynmap to see where existing towns are (the red shaded areas). An up-to-date list of towns can be found here. If there are questions about town expansion, feel free to ask a member of the staff.
  • "The early bird gets the worm." If you were there first (no town) and have set up signs claiming the land, you have the rights to your location. Towns have an added 500-block radius (as described above, and elaborated upon below) that other players may not build in unless they were there first or come to an agreement with the mayor of your town.
  • Towns MAY NOT evict, destroy-the-home-of, or bully players who live in the wilderness if those players built there first. Towns have no privilege or right that comes with this 500 block minimum limit regarding players who have lived in the wilderness within 500 blocks of their town. If a town wishes to expand within 500 blocks of a wilderness-dweller's home, they may do so under the condition that they accept that they have no right or control over the wilderness-dweller if that player was there first. If a town cannot accept this, expand in a different direction.

2. Do not build 1x1 towers. (Nerd poles, noob towers, "towers" that you make by jumping up and placing a block underneath you over and over again). These are an eyesore and ruin the landscape.
3. No floating trees. A "floating" tree occurs when you miss even one piece of wood after cutting a tree down. Leaves will not decay unless all wood is removed. These are also eyesores.
4. Mob grinders are illegal due to the unfair advantage which they give to players, as well as the lag they generate. This includes creating "dark rooms". Everything must be killed non-automatically. MFR Grinders are allowed to be used, as long as its not used to create auto-killing spawners. Like you can use it to kill pigs and whatnot.
5. End Fortresses and End Portals may NOT be claimed as your own. Fortresses and end portals are "limited natural resources". Claiming a fortress would be unfair to other players and it is only here that you can get resources such as cracked/mossy stone bricks and access to The End.

  • You may not create closed-off portions of the End because players could spawn in them and become trapped. You may however create platforms and areas to kill Endermen.

6. Volcanos may NOT be claimed as your own, and you may NOT build on or anywhere above them. Volcanos and their basalt are "limited natural resources". Claiming a volcano would be unfair to other players.
7. Do not allow other people to use your account while logged in to the server. You will be held responsible for whatever rules they break.
8. DO NOT touch ComputerCraft Computers or any other computers that might be added by a mod that do not belong to you. Do not destroy, move, tamper-with, or type anything into the screen, even as a joke. 'See Donor Rules below.
9.No using the uu gold recipe. Using the uu recipe to make gold so that you can sell it to the server to get credits, will result in your credits being stripped. You may also not use the uu gold recipe in general even if you aren't planning on selling it.


How to get reimbursed
Lost some important stuff due to some crazy glitch? You may apply for the items of worth that you lost in the forums here. You must use the template given, we are very strict about this one. Note: we use HawkEye logs to inspect reimbursement requests. If there is no evidence to back up your claim, we cannot reimburse you.
Eligible Reimbursements
  • Death upon logging into the overworld.
  • Victim of griefing. This includes the killing of animals you keep or crops being broken or trampled by others.
  • Server-wide issues that cause or are caused by rollbacks, glitches, or bugs with the server itself.
  • "Inventory-Tweaks" reimbursements. These issues involve items in your inventory "disappearing". This seems to be most common with jet packs and lappacks, and is usually resolved by pressing "R" (inventory sorting), clicking around the empty slots in your inventory, or logging out and back in. If none of these work, you may apply for reimbursement.
Ineligible Reimbursements
  • Natural Deaths. This includes any time you die to "natural, unassisted" deaths from mobs, lava, water, etc. Any deaths you'd normally experience in minecraft are not eligible for reimbursement.
  • Deaths in the Nether. The nether is very glitchy. It's been known to happen that people walk through their Nether portal and end up in lava on the other side. It's also a known glitch/bug to spawn in lava if you've logged out while in the Nether and log back in. We recommend logging out in the Overworld. Jetpacks also seem to be glitchy in the Nether and sometimes do not function properly.
  • Deaths in other Dimensions. Other dimensions, like the Deep Dark and in space have been known to cause deaths upon logging into the server while in this world. We recommend going back to the overworld before logging out of the server in order to prevent a possible death.
  • Deaths due to or involving nano/quantum suits or jetpacks. Any death while using these items will be counted as a natural death.
  • We will not reimburse you based on "word of mouth". We use HawkEye logs to monitor and search for almost anything that happens on the server, if it isn't there, we can't reimburse you.
  • Items stolen from chests. (See below in "Getting along with Others"). The only legal way for other players to access your chest is if you've unlocked them or given them rights to access your chest. Only give access to chests if you trust the other player.
  • Town Reimbursements. This includes reimbursement requests of the 500 credits you spend to create a town...only to find that you've created it less than 500 blocks from another town.
  • Compass-Related Reimbursements. (See Donor Rules below). Members with VIP+ and Elite use the compass at their own risk! You will not be reimbursed if you die from suffocation, burning in lava, falling out of the world, etc.


In order to lessen server lag please refrain from doing the following:

  1. Leaving machinery running while logged off.
  2. Leaving timers running even when they are not doing anything.
  3. Having Timers set below 1 second.
  4. Not having master shut off switches for your machines.
  5. Once again, any mob grinders are against the rules mainly because of the lag they generate to the server. Creating rooms for the intent of lots of mobs spawning in them generates a lot of lag because of the number of entities it creates. In short, don't make mob grinders!

Getting along with others

  1. Any unwanted trespassing in houses, constructions, or claimed properties that are inside towns is not allowed. Breaking and entering into houses or constructions that are in the wilderness is not allowed.
  2. If somebody tells you to stay away and stay off their claimed land then please listen and don't harass them. Yes this is in the rules.
  3. If you don't want to get robbed, lock it. Use the command "/lock" to lock your chests, doors, machines, etc. You may also choose to allow trusted people to access your chests, the command for this (after /locking) is /cmodify [name] [name] [etc]. If your chests are stolen from for any reason, you will not be eligible for reimbursement a) because you didn't lock the chest, and/or b) because you gave someone rights to use the chest yourself.
  4. Player traps are not allowed. However, you may use tesla coils/forcefield zappers to protect your property as long as you have *VERY* clearly marked with signs that you have done so.
  5. Scamming, lying, starting arguments, and etc. Once again, just treat others the (nice) way that you'd like to be treated.


Inactivity Reports
  1. If you are going to be inactive for longer than a week, please make a post about it on the forums! Make sure to use the inactivity announcement template!
  2. If you do not inform us of your inactivity and are inactive for longer than a week, then your house in a town and any shops you own may be removed by staff without reimbursement by the time you return.
  3. If you are the mayor of a city, power may be transferred to another player.
Removal of inactive players' constructions

If a player has been inactive for 7 days or more without leaving an inactivity announcement, property and other items may be removed by staff only. Looting items from inactive players or dismantling their builds will be treated as normal grief and stealing.


Appealing a ban
You may legitimately ask for an appeal or "second chance" if you are banned by replying to your ban announcement which will be in this forum. Rest assured that your appeal will be reviewed by staff (other members do not necessarily have a say in these matters) if it is well-written, honest, and fair to all involved in your banning. Note: You will remain permanently banned for reasons such as large-scale or high-value theft or griefing, hacks/cheats, and constant rudeness and negative attitude toward others.
  • KEEP IN MIND that if you have been banned and you attempt to use another account to ask staff or others in-game or in the shoutbox to "help" you return to the server, we guarantee that your previous ban will be held and the alternate account will be banned.
Removal of banned players' constructions
If a player has been banned, property and other items may be removed by staff only. Looting items from banned players or dismantling their builds will be treated as normal grief and stealing.

Note: All items of banned players are to be destroyed. Banned players may not pass ownership of their belongings to other players.

Spawn Mall

Our server has a mall located at spawn known simply as Spawn Mall. For rules and information on owning a shop at Spawn Mall, please visit here.

Donor Rules

Donate to the server here to access new commands, set more homes, and use ComputerCraft!*

*ComputerCraft only available to VIP+ and Elite after a short test
  1. TO ALL NON-DONORS Using any ComputerCraft item placed by other players (aside from certain computers designated for use in Spawn Mall) is a serious offense and will result in a ban on first sighting.
  2. Do not teleport outside the world border with /tppos. Doing so may see you lose your donor status as it causes server strain to load chunks far away from the map.
VIP+ and Elite
  1. TO VIP+ and ELITE DONORS We suggest passwords on computers, hiding disk drives, and picking up turtles when they are not in use. You will be held responsible for damage caused by others using your turtle.
  2. If you wish to use or craft any part of the ComputerCraft mod, you must take a short ComputerCraft Test. This helps ensure that only people who have at least some knowledge of Lua and the functions of ComputerCraft are allowed access to the mod. This also should prevent (and give incentive to not make) infinitely looping setups that lag the server.
  3. You may not place Computers, Turtles, etc. for players who have not donated for VIP+ or Elite. Doing so will lose your VIP+ or Elite status without getting a refund.
  4. Members with VIP+ and Elite use the compass at their own risk! You will not be reimbursed if you die from suffocation, burning in lava, or falling out of the world.
  5. Do not give items that you /stack to non VIP+ or Elite players. Doing so will see you lose donor rank.
  6. Do not trespass into the property of other members using the compass without permission. (See "Getting along with others" above). Bothering players may end with you being jailed. Repeat offences will see you losing your donor rank and status without refund.


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