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Welcome to the Techworld Wiki

Techworld is a unique experience compared to standard Minecraft servers. It runs the GigaTech mod pack, which includes popular mods such as Industrial Craft and Galacticraft. The result is a much deeper Minecraft experience, the end game is much further out and the sheer amount of things to do has increased. The best part is the core Minecraft game is still the same. If you want you can still live in a wood house with your diamond armor, or you can set up a Nuclear Reactor, manufacture your own jetpacks and sail across the landscape as you glean it for resources while protecting your operations with Tesla Coils.

Techworld is a "legit" community, not "creative". You have to explore and mine to find resources, while using the advantages of machines added by the GigaTech mod pack. We believe this the most fun and adds more depth to the game.

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