Jail Construction Guidelines

If you wish for your town to have your very own official jail, you will have to follow these guidelines to construct one, which is up to the security guidelines.

Once your jail has been approved by an admin and properly configured, the next time someone is jailed and the closest jail is your jail, then he will end up in your jail cell.

To see an example, visit Eden Jail, located under the Eden Town Hall near Spawn.


  • Your town must have at least 20 residents before being able to have its own Jail.
  • Your town must have its own wiki article. Click here for the Town Article Template.
  • It must have its on town forum, which is actively used by your members. If you do not have your own town forum, apply for one here.

Jail cells

  • Your jail should have at least 4 cells. You can make it as back you like.
  • A jail cell has to be at least 2 blocks high and have a 3x3 area.
  • A bed should be located in each cell for decoration's sake.
  • It is up to you whether you want doors or not. The doors must be made out of iron though and it must not have any buttons or pressure plates. It is only there for decoration's sake.
  • There has to be at least one glass window, for which to look into.
  • Each Jail cell should have one sign inside and outside it, so that the inmate and guards can see his remaining jail sentence.


There should be a central room in each jail, which is openly accessible to everyone.

  • Waiting chairs should be present
  • A wall with enough space to have two signs for each cell inside your jail.
  • There should be signs marking this as a jail with the name.
  • Iron doors should lead to corridors leading to the jail cells, as well as the Storage room.

Inventory Storage

This room will then be where the inmates spawn when they get released from their cell.

  • There has to be a room with one double chest for each cell.
  • There should therefore be a /cprivated door, but one which can be opened with a pressure plate. This means that the door should be one-way, so that only inmates can exit, but no one else can come back in.
  • At the exit, there should be a sign telling them that they have been released and shouldn't come back ever again, as they will probably be banned.


There should be appropriate lighting, so that is is not dark.

Reviewing Process

Once you have finished constructing your Jail you can then post in your own town forum, applying for it with the coordinates of the jail.

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