A Pipes and Engine mod, with uses ranging from automated crafting, to chest sorting

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  • Aditional Pipes
  1. Item, Liquid, Power Teleport Pipes - These pipes do what the name implies and teleport items/liquids/power to there respective receiving pipes [Teleport Pipes are currently disabled due to a bug]
  1. Distribution Pipe - This pipe will evenly distribute the items sent to it to every possible output
  2. Advanced Wooden Pipe - Using the GUI for this pipe you can set it to only take out certain items, or to leave only certain items in the inventory it is pulling from.
  3. Advanced Insertion Pipe - When this pipe is connected to a chest it (and the chest can accept items) the item will be shot into the chest faster then light. It does this to prevent items from popping out when 2 items try to fill a chests 1 open slot.

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