If you break the server rules you will be placed in jail for minor offences. Major offences such as griefing will be punished with a ban.


Jail cells are simple rooms with a bed and are used to punish players for minor infractions of the server Rules.

  • To see your remaining jail time and the reason for your jail sentence type /jailstatus
  • When you are jailed all you items go in a chest
  • A sign displays your remaining time in jail.
  • Time only decreases when you are logged on.
  • If you try and open the door or mine any block time is added to your sentence.
  • If you attempt to teleport out of the room then a pack of wolves will appear and kill you, spawning you back in your cell.
  • If you die you will respawn inside the jail cell.

You may also be released early by if you appeal your jail sentence on the forums.


Eden Jail

Currently the only jail on the server is located at spawn in the city of Eden, in the bottom floor of the Eden Town Hall.

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