How To Earn Credits

Each player starts off with 100 credits on the server. Soon, however, you will find that you will run out quickly and need more.

Earning Credits

There are a few ways to earn Credits or Cr for short. Players can earn credits by:

  • Logging onto the server daily to receive a daily wage of 10 Credits.
  • Selling items to other players either through market or face to face transactions.
  • Doing jobs for other players, such as flattening out an area. Just ask in the chat if there are any jobs available.
  • By taking part in competitions posted on the forums.
  • Using the MCJobs mod on the server. To start type in /jobs join miner now you will earn credits by mining vanilla ores. Note: This is currently the only job available more will come soon!
  • Buying tickets in the lottery with /lottery buy [amount] for a chance to win more. Each ticket costs 5 credits to buy.

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