Below are some frequently asked questions about the server. If your question is still unanswered, ask in the forums or in chat.


What is this?

First of all, if you do not know what Minecraft is, go to minecraft.net and check it out.

DireWolf20 is mod pack for the Techworld server, boasting the best mods the community has to offer, ranging from Big Reactors to classics like Industrial Craft 2. The mod pack contains over 100 mods and can be downloaded here.

Finally, Techworld is a Minecraft modded server that makes you work for your resources. This means that you can’t spawn items or ask for them to be spawned in by staff. The server uses a set of mods, wrappers, and plugins to make sure players can build and mine in peace. You can get more server-info on the about page, which you can find here on the wiki. If you know what Minecraft is, but you don’t know how it works, look under the ‘In-game’ section in this FAQ.

Who is staff?

You can see a staff list here.

What are the rules in this server?

You can view the rules here.

What ranks are there?

See Ranks

Are any parts of GigaTech mods that are banned from the server?

Yes, there are some, which we believe to be overpowered, redundant or lag inflicting. Click here to view a full list.


Why do I have to apply?

The reason you have to make an application for this server to play is to prevent griefing/stealing. It is also used as a way to make sure the people in the server are mature and friendly. Community is an important factor which makes this server unique. By screening people before letting them in, players have a peaceful environment to build and play in.

However, you can log in now without applying, at IP: << gt.minecraft-techworld.com >> with DireWolf20 installed. You will be ranked Guest and you will be able to walk around and explore the server. Though you will be unable to build or break blocks to prevent griefing.

How do I apply?

You can apply here. Do not lie about anything, because it will be found out and you will be banned from the server. Make sure you don’t take 10 seconds to make this application, as it will certainly be declined. Instead, think about what you write down; it’s not that much work, and you’ll have a much better chance of getting into the server!

Why is nobody responding to my application?

Just relax. People don’t live their lives to check your application, and it can take some time before an admin can get back to you. Most of the time, a staff member will review your application within 24 hours (most of the time much faster). Do not create topics or post in the shoutbox whining about you not being approved yet, as it will get you banned from applying again. If necessary, you can create a topic in the Support Forums about your application if you have not been reviewed after 24 hours.


How does this work?

It’s actually really simple; left-click to destroy blocks and right-click to place blocks. If you have no idea how even this works, I recommend you play a bit of creative before trying your hand at Survival Multiplayer. Now, you can also craft things using the workbench and smelt things using the furnace. You can also craft things in the 2×2 crafting table in your inventory. The simplest recipe is one log in any of the slots, which gives you four planks. You can then place one plank in each of the slots to make a workbench. For all the recipes (and for other things too) you should take a look at the Minecraft wiki and especially at the crafting page.

What are the controls?

You can walk with ‘WASD’. ‘W’ moves forward, ‘S’ moves backward, ‘A’ moves left and ‘D’ moves right. Furthermore, you can press ‘Q’ to drop one of the item/block you are currently holding. Press ‘F’ to change the fog distance (less far is better performance). One through nine (1-9) above the keyboard can be used to select a block/item in your inventory. In multiplayer, press ‘T’ to chat. All these controls can be changed in the options. Just press ‘Esc’, click on options and then on controls.

What commands are there?

You can type ‘/help’ in-game to see what commands there are.

For a full list visit the Commands section

Can I build anywhere I want?

No. There’s some restrictions as to where you may build. You can’t build within 500 blocks of spawn or any other established town without that mayor's consent. Also, you can’t build in/really close to someone elses building, unless you get their permission. Do not make additions/fixes to others’s buildings. For the rest, just make sure that you build in the already explored area. This will prevent the map file from getting too big.

Are mobs turned on?

Yes. Creepers do no damage though.

Is there some kind of quick travel system?

You can set a home with /sethome. If you use /home, you will be teleported there.

You can also teleport to other players with /tpa.

Click here for a full list of Commands

Why is PvP off?

We want to focus more on building and community rather than splitting it up by having PvP.

Is Spleef enabled?

No. Sorry.

Are some items disabled on the server?

Yes. For a full list visit the Banned Items article.

Chest protect commands


Is it free to use /home

Yes and you may change it at any time. Also note that there is a 5 minute cooldown timer between teleports like /spawn /home /tpa [username]. /tpa Also costs 5 credits each time you use it. VIP users get instant teleport access and can /tpa for free.

Are we required to replant some trees if we are going to clear cut?

Yes, you are required to do so, or you will be jailed

Can I be a mod or admin?

Click here to apply for Moderator

  • You can only become a Moderator by applying and being accepted by existing staff. Being helpful, fun, mature, and well-known boosts your chances of being accepted, though there may be no position available even then.
  • You can only become an Admin if you're a Moderator already.

Can you spawn me an item?

No, BAN!

How do I make...

Once you have installed GigaTech, NEI was included. When you view your inventory on the right it shows all the items in GigaTech. On the bottom it shows a bar you can type item names and IDs into. If you are curious of a recipe you can find the block/item and hover the mouse over the item and press "R" and it should show you the recipe. Pressing "U" while hovering over will show all the recipes in which the item/block is used in.

To learn more about GigaTech visit the GigaTech wiki article.

What are those noises

MAtmos sound mod, included in Tekkit. By default, the F7 key toggles the MAtmos sounds.

How to I read further up in chat?

Open the chat window and scroll up with the mouse wheel. Alternatively, exit the chat window and press "\" it is above the return/enter key. This should bring up the console if you installed the full Tekkit pack.


I can't type in the forum shoutbox, what should i do?


Why does the server restart every few hours?

As the server runs, more and more files get dumped into the server RAM, which don't get deleted though. That means, more and more RAM is being used until the point where no more RAM is left and the server crashes. To prevent this, the server restarts regularly, which removes any unnecessary data on the RAM.

A restart normally takes no longer than 1 minute, so it should not be a problem at all for players.

"Can't reach server"

Sometimes the server is down for maintenance or restarting, for example to install or update plugins. You cannot connect to the server while it is restarting or down for maintenance. It may also be due to issues with the Minecraft login servers.

Try again in 10 minutes. If that doesn't help check the forums whether it is scheduled for downtime.

You can see if the server is online or not, to check whether it is a client side issue or not on our status page.

"Failed to log into Minecraft"

This probably means that the Minecraft login servers are down. Check the online status of the Minecraft servers here

Where is this server based?

Arizona, USA

Who is the server owner?


I donated, but still haven't received my reward

If you donated but still did not receive your award after 10 minutes of being logged into the server, please e-mail us at [email protected] or open a new topic in the donation support forums.

I donated for VIP+ or Elite, why do I still not have ComputerCraft access?

Everyone who wishes to have CC access is required to take the ComputerCraft test first.

This test can be taken at http://minecraft-techworld.com/computer-craft-test and will require to be VIP+ or Elite first. Once you have completed the test, you will then be granted CC permissions normally within a day.

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