Donate and support the server!

By donating you will receive many exclusive features, while helping the server to stay lag-free and up 24/7. Your donation will also help us in getting extra RAM for more player slots and more plugins, which will improve the game-play experience. Thanks for supporting the server!

VIP Package

VIP Package (1 month/ 5$)

As a small thank you for 1 month :

  • Reserved Slot – Join the server even when it is full
  • No more waiting 5 minutes for the teleportation cooldown timer to end. Teleport instantly.
  • Teleport to any coordinates on the map.
  • You will have a violet name and you will have the [VIP] rank.
  • Access to /back. Teleport back to the location before you teleported or to the location of where you died.

Click here to donate.

Visit the commands page for VIP commands.

VIP+ Package

VIP+ Package (10$/ month)

  • All features of the default VIP package
  • Access to TP Compass - Allows you to teleport to the block you look at with a left click. Right-click to teleport through walls. Players use the compass at their own risk! You will not be reimbursed if you die.
  • Custom Name colour
  • The indigo [VIP+] Rank

Elite Package

Elite Package (60$/ Lifetime)

  • All features of the default VIP+ package
  • Elite for ever!
  • The gold [Elite] Rank

Donations exceeding 60$

Players can also donate any amount they like. Every little helps.

Click the link and scroll down to donate any amount.

For extra large donations, please contact us, so that we can work out how to say "thank you"

Expiring packages

Once your VIP or VIP+ status expires, you will be demoted back to Member. You also have the option to renew your status by donating again.

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