Commands are used on the server by typing them into chat. Higher ranks have access to more commands. Techworld follows a simple ranking structure, and only donors or Staff are different from the default rank (Member).


Guests only have access to a few commands and can basically only walk around and explore the server. To become a member they have to apply.

  • /help - A list of commands which you can use.
  • /rules <page> - Shows a shortened version of the rules page in-game.
  • /who - Shows which players are online at the moment.


  • /t list - Lists the towns on the server.
  • /t spawn [town_name] - Teleports you to the specified town.


Members have access to all guest commands.

General Commands

  • /afk - Tell players that you are going away from your keyboard. Sets an AFK flag on your nametag if someone executes /who. To remove your AFK flag, execute /afk again. You will be automatically set as AFK aft5 minutes of inactivity. After 10 minutes, you will kicked off the server automatically.
  • /helpop - Ask for help from a staff member. Do not use Global chat to ask for help from staff.
  • /jailstatus - Shows the remaining length of your jail sentence and why you were jailed.
  • /seen [name] - This tells you when the listed player was last online, or for how long the listed player has been online.

Messaging system

  • /m [player name] [message] - Sends a private message to an online player.
  • /r [message] - Send a quick reply to the last player who messaged you.
  • /mail [name] [message] – Sends a mail to another player (the name has to be written out fully), who can either be online or offline.
  • /mail read - Shows you all your unread mail.
  • /mail clear- When you have read your mail, use this command to delete them.

Spawn System

  • /spawn - Returns you to the spawn point.
  • /warp gc - Teleports you to Grand Central Station.

Home System

  • /sethome - Sets your current position as your Home.
  • /home - Teleports the user to their Home.
  • /delhome [name of home] - Deletes the chosen home.

Economy System

  • /econ help - Shows help for the Economy Plugin.
  • /econ - Shows the current amount of money you have.
  • /pay [player] [amount] - This will pay the [player] the [amount] of Credits.
  • /market - Shows help on how to use the market.
  • /res [player] - Shows the information of the player you chose.

Lottery System

  • /lottery - Shows help about the lottery
  • /lottery buy [number of tickets] - One ticket costs 25 credits.

Ticketing System

Use the ticketing system to report grief etc. Much easier to report the grief on the website under Player Reports

  • /ticket help <page number> - Shows all the commands for the ticketing system.


  • /tpa [player] - Sends a request to another player to teleport to him.
  • /tpa - Accepts the teleportation request.

Note: There is a 5 minute wait between each teleport. The cooldown is removed when you Donate for VIP.


  • /t spawn [town] - Teleports you to the spawn of the town. Click here for a list of all towns on the server.
  • /t list - Shows a list of all the towns created on the server.
  • /t [town] - Shows the information of the specified town.


Prism allows players and staff to check by whom and at what time a block was broken or placed. It also logs chest activity and allows grief to be rolled back with simple commands. Rollbacks can solely be done by Admins.

  • /prism help - A list of prism commands
  • /prism i - Enables the prism tool. Left click to select the block you broke. Take screenshots of the log and upload them to the forums.


  • All commands of Member
  • No teleport cooldown timer
  • /back - Teleport back to where you were before you teleported or back to your death location.
  • /sethome [name] - Ability to set multiple homes
  • /delhome [name] - Delete the specified home
  • /home - List your homes
  • /home [name] - Teleport to the specified home
  • /ci - Clear your whole inventory. Use with caution.
  • /tppos [x] [y] [z] - Teleport to the specific coordinates

To receive the VIP rank you have to donate.


  • All commands of VIP
  • Allows you to use a compass to teleport with a left-click to where you're looking. Right-click to teleport through walls.
  • /stack - Stacks items into a stack, even those which normally can't be. Eg. signs.


  • All commands of VIP+
  • VIP+ permissions for a lifetime with a one-time donation.


  • All Member commands
  • No teleport cooldown timer
  • /bcast [message] - Only to be used for important announcements. Not for advertising your own interests. Doing so will see you demoted.
  • /kick [name] [reason] - Kicks the player for the specified reason
  • /mute [player] - Silences a player until you use /mute on him again. Do not forget to unmute them.
  • /remove item -1 -Does a server wide item cleanup

Server Check

  • /lag - Shows current memory usage, as well as the number of entities in the worlds.

Item Cleanup

If there is lag on the server, execute the command below to improve the TPS.

  • /remove item [Radius] - Removes all items on the ground within the specified radius. Useful for cleaning overflowing quarries.
    • Eg: /remove item 10 - Removes all items on the ground within a 10 block radius.
    • Eg: /remove item -1 - Removes all in the world you currently are in. Warn players before doing this.

Membership Applications

Please refer to the Application Review Guidelines.


  • /jailcheck - List all jailed players.
  • /jailcheck [player name] - Shows the jail status of the player, showing time and reason for the jail sentence.
  • /jail [player name] [duration <m(minutes) or h(hours) or d(days)] eden [reason] - Jail a player for the specified time and reason.
  • /unjail [player name] - Unjails the player when he comes online
  • /unjailforce [player name] - Removes the player from the jail database. Use this only to modify an existing jail sentence of a player or when the jailed player has become inactive. If you are unjailing an inactive player to clear space in the jail, make sure to ban them with /ban [playername] [reason] and creating a ban announcement on the forums about it.
  • /jailmute [prisoner name] - Mute the player for the duration of his jail sentence.


  • /lookup <playername> - Shows previous bans a player has
  • /tempban <playername> <duration> <m(minutes) or h(hours) or d(days)> [reason]
  • /ban <fullplayername> <reason> - Bans the player. You must make a ban announcement on the forums or you will be demoted.

Banning players from chatting on the dynamic map

  1. /dynmap ips-for-id [Full player name] to show the IP they're using.
  2. /banip [IP Address] to ban them from using the chat.

Depending on the severity of the spam, you should jail or ban them.

Sometimes they have multiple addresses. Just ban those too.


All server staff has the opportunity to use the Opis mod as long as they have the staff pack installed.

  • /opis_start - Starts Opis
  • /opis_stop - Stops Opis
  • /opis_te - Shows a list of the 20 slowest TileEntitites which are sorted by time
  • /opis_chunk - Shows a list of the 20 slowest chunks which are sorted by time


  • All Moderator commands
  • /ban [name] - After doing so, post a ban announcement on the forums with supporting evidence. The ban will then be changed by Mastergalen to a global ban if necessary.

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