Banned Items

This is a list of items which are disabled on the server. If you feel like an item is disabled unjustly, please open a discussion up about it on the forums.

Banned or Blocked Items


  • Quarries - The new version of quarries keeps several chunks loaded at all times, which requires constant server resources even when the owner of the quarry is gone. Quarries also create terrible eyesores.


  • World Anchor - Lag

Computer Craft

Computer Craft is exclusive to donors currently, as malicious code can be written, which can crash the server. When people invest real currency, they are MUCH less likely to grief and abuse their tools.

Banned API's
  • HTTP API - Can install very malicious software on the server
    • Can cause server to require a full system recovery!
    • Can hack computers
    • Can spam the chat window.
    • Can hack other players' movements.
  • Rednet API
    • Can cause the shutdown of server
    • Frozen terminals
    • Remote access hacking
  • IO/FS
    • Can cause Servers to require a full system recovery!
    • Can make files immune to deletion
    • Can take over computers without permission of the owner.

MineFactory Reloaded

  • Auto Spawners - See the rules page. Mob farms are forbidden
  • SPAMR Launcher - Shoots explosive missiles
  • Tracking Self-propelled Anti-material Rocket - Ammunition for the SPAMR Launcher
  • Needlegun - Needless to say
  • Chunk Loader - Use Personal Anchor
  • Unifier - Cheat machine

Extra Utilities

  • Ender-Thermic Pump - Acts as a chunk loader
  • Ender Quarry


  • Skyblocks - Corrupts the chunk

Code Chicken

  • Spot Loader
  • Chunk Loader


  • Golems - CPU consuming path finding algorithms, which can be easily replaced by pipes.
  • Portable Holes - Can bypass Towny protection, as well as HawkEye to break certain blocks.
  • Wand Focus: Excavation 25273 - Can mine blocks in protected areas, without HE being able to trace it.
  • Wand Foci: Frost 25275 - Can be used to break protected blocks

Thaumic Exploration

  • Tailsman of Nourishment - Crashes the server

Applied Energistics

  • Spatial IO Port - Can be used as a major griefing tool
  • Spatial Pylon - Can be used as a major griefing tool
  • Matter Cannon - Bypasses PvP and breaks blocks bypassing towny protection

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