Automatic Crafting Table MkII

Automatic Crafting Table Mk 2 from Immibis's Tube Stuff Mod

When you right click this you will see four main area. At the top, the input (9x5). At the bottom, your inventory. At the left, a 3x3 recipe area, and a single slot at the right which is the output. Here's how to use it:
  • Set the recipe in the recipe area (red). Nothing will appear in the output slot, that's normal.
  • Put items into the input area by connecting tubes (or pipes) to any side. Regulators are helpful for this.
  • Place a filter or transposer above the crafting table facing down. It will eject the crafted items. If you want to stop this, apply a redstone signal to it.
  • If the recipe produces a container item, such as buckets (when water buckets are used in the recipe), they will go to the last, red-shaded row of the input area. They can be extracted from the bottom. Note that if this is full, container items will be destroyed!


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